A few insights on industrial digitalization in several fields

As we enter a brand-new digital era, countless industries which we interact with in our daily life have had to adapt to online platforms and instant solutions.

When referring to digital transformation across industries, the fields which are actually vital for every person’s well being cannot be disregarded: one instance is healthcare. While always, in order to meet with your GP if you want a prescription renewed, or even only for a concern about your health, you would have to leave your home and possibly wait, innovators like Ali Parsa of Babylon Health are changing the industry with health care which is accessible online. Imagine being home sick, and having the opportunity to video-call your doctor and discuss your symptoms with them from the comfort of your own bed. Online health care is certainly one of the top digital transformation success stories.

Some parts of our lives have currently been heavily affected by the swift improvement of technology, in the span of simply a few decades, and we may be therefore used to them that maybe we do not realise the scope to which our lives have gotten better. Perhaps one of the great key drivers of digital transformation is the spectacular boom of communication: think straight back to when telephones were only in our houses, and computers had to be wired to the web. Nowadays, we might be out and about and call our mother, check the bus timetable, order our grocery delivery, all from one small device that is instantaneously connected.

There are so many ways in which the use of online services to existing sectors has made our daily life and errands even more comfy, and one among the great successful digital transformation case studies is the personal finance industry. So many financial organisations, such as David Li’s BEA, are contemplating the application of online avenues to their current facilities as a way to stay updated, appealing to users, and relevant in the current times. Some digital transformation examples in banking involve the employment of virtual security, such as intricate passwords or fingerprints, to have access to one’s bank account and make operations from the comfort of their own house.

Something most individuals do on a consistent weekly basis as an element of our routine is food shopping. This field, as it is simply present in every person’s daily living, has seen quite a few modifications lately, and is therefore one of the best examples of digital transformation. With forerunners like Ian McLeod, of Dairy Farm’s supermarket chain, considering utilising AI in self-checkouts, things like queues at the till might soon be forgotten. Another one among the business transformation examples is that of offering information in an easily available way, like scanning an item from a smart phone app to learn about its ingredients and potential allergens.

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